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About Me

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

Hey there!

Buckle up, because we're about to embark on a journey that will rock your world—quite literally! I believe our bodies are like supercharged machines, equipped with mind-blowing capabilities to thrive and kick some serious butt. It's time to unleash that primal power within you and create changes that will leave you forever transformed.

Picture this: You, a busy professional, attacking your goals and living in align with your values, and looking damn good while doing it. That excess fat? Gone. Muscle? Popping. Energy? Through the roof. How do we make this magic happen? Well, I'm not your average health coach—I'm your secret weapon, your personal guide to unleashing the full potential of your body and mind.

I've been in the fitness game for ages, helping clients shed pounds, build muscle, and achieve their health goals. But here's the twist: I'm not here to give you a temporary fix or a one-size-fits-all solution. Nope, we're going deep. We're diving into your habits, your routines, and your very existence. Together, we'll create changes that become so ingrained in your DNA, you'll wonder if you've evolved into a whole new species.

You see, I'm a type A, high achiever, just like you. I've tested every diet and fitness strategy out there. Some worked, some made me question my sanity, and others just left me hangry. But none of them truly aligned with my inner wild child who craves a natural, harmonious way of living.

Then, the primal lightbulb moment struck. I started with fitness, redefined nutrition, and rewired my mind. The results were mind-blowing! I became an endurance machine, a gut-healing genius, and a mental ninja. And guess what? I did it all without obsessing over numbers, tracking every morsel, or driving myself crazy with calculations. Who has time for that nonsense?

Now, I've packaged my primal wisdom and unapologetic awesomeness into a kick-ass 12-week program that's scientifically rooted in our DNA and evolution. This isn't your grandma's health plan; it's a rebellion against mediocrity. We'll tap into your body's hidden potential, crank up your metabolism, and sculpt a physique that will make heads turn. But it's not just about the looks—it's about transforming your entire existence. Your habits, your mindset, your very essence. We're talking about a complete paradigm shift, my friend.

Together, we'll unleash the beast within you. We'll banish confusion, frustration, and unnecessary mental gymnastics. This is about embracing the primal force that resides within your bones and unleashing it upon the world. You'll become a lean, mean, vibrant machine, effortlessly navigating through life with a swagger that says, "I freaking rock!"

So, are you ready? I'm not here for the faint of heart. I'm here for the trailblazers, the go-getters, the ones who refuse to settle for anything less than extraordinary. If you're up for the challenge, buckle up and let's rock this primal revolution together.

All the tools to shed and keep off excess fat, build and maintain lean muscle, and feel your healthiest are within your own body's biochemistry and want, can, and will go on without you even being consciously aware of it!!! All you have to do is take care of it like our primal ancestors did. I will teach you just how to do that and in a way that works in your life, for YOU, and for life!

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