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Some Things to Know About Ketones

Humans possess an inherent ability to prefer fat as a fuel source, unlocking the power of ketones—a byproduct of fat metabolism. This metabolic shift, cultivated through strategic dietary choices, liberates the body from the constant need for glucose.

Becoming proficient at burning fat not only enhances fat-burning capabilities but also leads to mastery in burning ketones. This dual proficiency empowers the body to efficiently process fats as energy and tap into the potent fuel source of ketones.

Ketones, once considered only as an alternative fuel, have found application in medicine. Particularly for neurological issues like epilepsy in children, ketogenic diets and minimal carb intake have showcased transformative results, demonstrating the brain's preference for ketones over glucose.

Contrary to the belief that the brain solely relies on glucose, it exhibits a distinct preference for ketones as a highly efficient fuel source. This preference not only maintains focus but also presents potential benefits in avoiding degenerative neurological issues.

One of the remarkable benefits of becoming a proficient fat and ketone burner is the self-regulation of appetite. Unlike the constant need for glucose, a fat-adapted individual experiences natural balance and decreased hunger.

Excess glucose in the bloodstream can lead to glycation and the formation of Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs). These compounds contribute to various health issues, emphasizing the importance of minimizing glucose intake.

Contrary to the prevalent belief in speeding up metabolism, achieving caloric efficiency by becoming fat and keto-adapted offers unique health benefits. Slowing down metabolism promotes sustained energy, muscle maintenance, and cellular repair - AKA look, feel, and live longer.

Actionable Insight: Reflect on your eating habits and consider embracing caloric efficiency. Experiment with a diet that satisfies your body's needs without overloading it with excess calories. How can you create a standard "daily basket," that is packed with nutrients and not excess? One that pushes your body toward self-sustainability and inner strength versus constant dependence on quick burning fuel which keeps us feeling crappy, fat, and bloated!

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